neighborhood hike

My mom and I took a nice walk on Saturday morning up to Twin Falls.  My parents house is just a couple miles from this trail head, and in high school I can remember going on training runs from my house, up this trail and back during soccer and lacrosse season.  This weekend, though, it was just a nice walk with my mom. I’ve become accustomed to urban parks and trails in and around Oakland, so its nice to be reminded of what a walk in the woods feels like.  Whether I live in the city or a small town, it’s become very clear to me that I need to have easy access to trails.  They keep me calm, balanced, and happy.  I’m lucky to have grown up in a place where I learned this from an early age.  Nothing about this hike is really strenuous, just a nice easy climb; I think about 2.5 miles round trip, but its just so rewarding to get outside.

Moss covered maple branches hanging over the trail. The average 90 inches of rain that falls here each year keeps these plants green and moist year round.

A lookout to twin falls about half way up the trail. The lower falls drop about 150 feet over a huge granite slab.

Douglas Fir stand along the trail.

The upper falls from the bridge.


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