Bike Camping! Day 3

On Monday morning, February 20, I woke up early in the Hikers Hut. We had planned to ride 20 miles on our last day, starting with cruising the fire roads down the mountain and then climbing back up and over one last pass, rolling back to the Menlo Park Caltrain station to ride home. I was a little sore from the two days of riding behind us, but looking forward to another sunny day on the road. We took it slow that morning too, eating breakfast, drinking coffee and reminiscing about the epic game of jenga we had played the night before. Aside from one flat tire, the trip was a smooth as you could hope for.

George is all packed and ready to ride.

As am I.

Rolling down Towne Fire Road - zoom zoom

George and his newly named Shamrock Shake - George built this bike with the help of friends and the good peeps at Spokeland

Carrie taking a moment to gaze up at the monumental Redwoods.

Carrie - Klunking - 'nuff said

Carrie fixed this flat in about 10 minutes - whoever says that ladies can't fix things hasn't met my friends.

Tired, but happy as we BART home at the end of the ride. Until the next one.....


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