Bike Camping! Day 2….

Sunday morning on President’s day weekend, I woke up at Pie Ranch, climbed out of my tent and discovered goats just yards away chomping on their breakfast.  We took it slow getting out of camp, taking time to make coffee, eat breakfast, walk around the farm a bit and visit the goats and chickens.  Ginger and Brooke rode the whole 43 miles back to the train that day, but Carrie had discovered a gem of a destination for George, Carrie and I to make our way to.  23 miles took us through farmland along the coast, a stop in Pescadero for another lunch, and then back up to the Santa Cruz Mountains to stay at a Hikers Hut that the Sierra Club runs in Sam McDonald County Park.

Rolling along Cloverdale Road

A conservation easement along Cloverdale Road.

Riding up Towne Fire Road as the sun begins to set

Hikers Hut!

Sunset at the Hikers Hut

Ollie Mayer (center) led the charge to build this Hut in 1977. Thank you Ollie and thank you Sierra Club for making this available for everyone to enjoy.

dinner = vegi tacos with homemade guac and refried beans



One response to “Bike Camping! Day 2….

  • flamingbike

    Kassie — The hiker’s hut sounds dreamy! I’ll definitely have to try it out. I ended up playing jenga that night as well, after potlucking at Janet’s place!

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