Bike Camping!

I took a three day bike trip with my good friends Carrie Harvilla and George Chan over Presidents Day Weekend. Totally amazing. The plan – Saturday morning take BART and CalTrain to Menlo Park, ride 42 miles, climbing over the Santa Cruz Mountains en route to Pie Ranch just south of Pescadero, go to a barn dance for the night, camp out on the ranch, and then the next morning ride 23 miles back up to the Santa Cruz Mountains to stay at a Hikers Hut that the Sierra Club runs in Sam McDonald County Park.   Monday morning, ride 20 miles, starting with cruising the fire roads down the mountain and then climbing back up and over one last pass, rolling back to the Menlo Park Caltrain station to ride home.

Sometimes a plan is just a plan, but man, did this one work out.  As George kept saying throughout the weekend, “Great programming, Carrie, great programming!”

Clearly I'm excited for the ride ahead.

Day one, we met some new friends. We rode with Ginger, Brooke and Veyta. Here is the crew taking a break half way up Old La Honda Road, an 1100 foot climb in 2 miles. This road is a common training ride for the spandex road riders in San Mateo County. They were a little taken aback by our rag tag crew climbing up this pass fully loaded with camping gear. At one point, one of them asked Carrie if she was carrying a microwave.

The climb was worth it. Looking west over the Santa Cruz Mountains as we begin our decent to La Honda.

Farmland in Pescadero Valley. Breathtaking topography. Beautiful weather. Can't complain.

After eating a late lunch at the sandwich deli in Pescadero, we climbed out of the valley and happily came upon a tail wind that carried us the last 11 miles down Highway 1 to Pie Ranch.

While the barn dance was a blast, I sadly don’t have any pictures to share. All I can say is even if you think you’re too hip to go square dancing, what you may not know is that it’s actually the hip thing to do these days. Pie Ranch is guaranteed to be a good time!

Carrie, me, Ginger, Brooke, and George. Happy Campers, ready to ride on day two.

Stay tuned for more pictures and tales of the rest of this adventure…. Fire roads, redwoods and jenga to come.


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